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as a necessity of life , thousands of years of history, from the ancient era of the first people to use animal skins , bark bound feet , and today a variety of flowers shoes style , through the development of a long journey . Shoes from the practical to only pay attention to the development of practical and aesthetic requirements . Ancient times , coat, clothes , foot clothing , said. The so-called foot clothing , referring to shoes and socks. Shoes are an integral part of people dress in costumes dress acts as a finishing touch decorative effect. Shoes , in its development process, due to geographical , climate, national differences, coupled with political and economic influence , the formation of a variety of different styles and forms. These looks just sideways English L shaped like nike free run womens shoes , through the wisdom of ancient people continue to develop innovative , be free to produce tens of thousands of varieties come , and this development is the development of shoe culture . Those work fine , colorful, great variety of pairs of shoes , all filled with the charm of beauty , it is worth us to appreciate it, favorite it , study it.

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        In traditional Chinese culture, shoe culture status is very high, ranging from classical classics provisions of shoes can be seen particularly serious and dedicated . Confirming Ancient Source contains: Positive action must fulfill , no pregnant luck . nike free womens Shoe colleagues described the moral concepts are closely related. Book of Rites Music Man comes to Gentleman eat these provisions so far in the culture nurturing family still become an important family education .
     Shoes in China 's history
        Shoe has a long history . Around 5,000 years ago Yangshao period , there have been the most primitive animal skins sewn shoes. In Xinjiang Loulan unearthed a pair of wool boots , dating back over 4,000 years , the entire pair of shoes and soles from the boots of two parts, called the world's first boots. 3,000 years ago in the preparation of the Book of Changes has appeared on behalf of shoes shoe word. Warring States Period, Sun Bin because they were pet Juan crack the kneecap , can not walk, then cut with a hard leather bottom and help , invented the high skin Xuan , later boots, Chinese History Museum on the collection with a pair of 2000 years ago Xuan skin .

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Later, as the production of shoe materials , style, use more and more types of nike free 5.0 womens shoes began enriched. According to the different materials can usually make the shoes into the grass Ge , cloth and leather three.
        Cloth shoes, which refers to marijuana silk, damask , silk , brocade fabric cloth sewn into shoes. Han mostly forked , bottom with twine weaving, also known as the bicuspid Alice head side shoe ; Wei and Jin Dynasties , the popular embroidered on the front of the shoe double animal ornamentation .
         Northern Qi Dynasty , sandals become a fashion, it is a shoe with wooden teeth , from the flat , the Department of the teeth of three parts.
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