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nike air foamposite Shoes in the foot for the apparel clothing.
Ancient often to hide footwear, mostly so called shoe leather for the side next to the word. There are many ancient name shoes, such as shoes, sandals, boots, slipper, shoes, sandals and other words are the nicknames. The first shoe design is very simple. It is speculated that the ancients would cut roughly skins foot shape, the use of thin thong to join together become the most original shoes.

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With the development of society and the progress of textile, fabrics, silk and other objects are also used to make shoes, and with leather, hemp grass composite applications, a large number of shoe products. To the Shang period, shoe design, workmanship and decoration have been very sophisticated, timber, applying color, pattern is also based clothing system has a strict system. Each dynasty nike foamposite pro shoe shape, form and color are as uniform changes.
The use of the late Chou boots shoes style barbarian from the north. Riding nomadic barbarian Boots to wear a tube while riding and shooting ZhaoWuLingWang advocate learning, in order to facilitate the war.

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Han's footwear has been a lot of changes in shape, such as silk boots with color and pattern changes, the shape is very concise, more in line with the shape of the foot. Footwear material used is very broad, there are leather, silk fabrics, flax and the like. Southern clogs prevailed during the period, from the emperor down to the literati, Shishu can wear. At the same time, sandals, or people in general are a scholar of shoes, from the south prolific plants plaited rushes. Passage of the Tang Dynasty Kuni system boots boots, boots later changed to a shorter length of Yao Yao boots, and be felt. Women shape of nike foamposite galaxy shoes, the first type is crested. Other footwear, with a high head, flat head, round, etc. Alice style, and some patterns or embroidered tiger shoes are decorated with brocade text.
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