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What are the criteria for good shoes ?michael kors outlet The answer is different for each person,subjectively speaking,wearing comfortable shoes is a good shoe . But in addition to comfort,but also have to take into account the style, quality,materials,and so forth . Anyway,most of the shoes are regarded as really good shoes,leather soft, breathable leather surface is also rich texture,looks high atmosphere,high quality, no matter what the occasion to wear it will not seem plunges.

01 women 's shoes,flat heel faction belonging leisurely,taking the high-heeled temperament stream,and small rough with you both. Thick heel, stiletto unlike so difficult to control, without too much pressure on your feet,but also play an increased role,hip repair legs,temperament significant legislation . Leather material one look unusual,high-end luxury, to bring you an extraordinary experience. Valgus suede warm encounter, plus velvet inside there,even to walk the snow will not cold with Yuzu .

02 It is not flat heels,but the magic elevator shoes . Inside is a wedge heel,clever increase height,but not the same as an ordinary wedge heel is your true height it hid Shorty MM can also enjoy a tall stature ! Leather is naturally leather,but leather has been working on its surface roughness, becomes a low-key but not simple matte leather . Although there is no patent leather shiny,but not a kind of restrained charisma,besides timely shiny metal buckle a bit,and will not understated overdone.

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03 together with red wine,turned fashion queen ! Brilliant red wine,like the Flaming Lips,like Tears of Blood Roses,especially in the very tough Tim dyed leather,the more of a sense of unspeakable amazing . michael kors outlet store Laced join dense individuality, tendon slip resistant outsole is basic,the most important is that it brings the share of retro English Lunfan,tidal flavor .

04 or the British style of Martin boots,with the first layer of leather to create,rubber sole, thick -heeled, well laced with heavy sense of rivets, together to create a heavy sense of atmosphere, Knight boots feel so out. British knight wearing it turned,in the modern city streets,each step of the walk at ease and loud.

05 Likewise the dermis,which also has many subcategories, from the material it has leather sheepskin pigskin,etc., each have first layer and second layer of skin . If this paragraph is to use cow split leather build, compared with the first layer of leather not inferior too much, far better than the price is very close to the people . Nubuck unique elegant and refined texture,slope with not heavy, light on the feet,but also has the role of thin legs,wear will naturally become slender legs slender,piercing charm .

06 quality shoes good and bad,high and low prices,choose shoes naturally out of the needs and preferences,and certainly their choice,but do not deny others spent choice . A pair of very high-end shoes, first layer of leather lines naturally clear, glowing glossy surface,a unique kind of shoes is very elegant feel that it is taking the high road,luxurious atmosphere,like a bright star-like .

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07 deserted streets of solitude,you are wrapped in a long woolen coat,a pair of foot thick heel boots, like most of the students had just returned from study tour,but do not adapt to the October wind. Matte leather front,rear and like to help Greens like weaving pattern, separated by metal zipper,like separating the two worlds, one kind of fashion sense,so wanton and uninhibited .

08 michael kors online store has been overwhelming popular platform shoes,platform shoes and now associating with leather,sister paper to meet their quality requirements . Thick bottom,with a bit more distance from the ground,rolled into a casual lace bow, echoing the rivet element,not assertive personality,unique visible .

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