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Song shoe style followed the previous generation system early, moving will be booted when, later changed to fulfill. Made with black leather boots, lined with felt, each wearing a different color according to official clothing color may be. Ordinary people wore shoes sandals, lebron 11 for sale, etc., according to the materials named. Southerners more than the clogs. If Song Man "Wen Jing Shan rang clog" to describe the clogs walking in the mountains situation.
Women's shoes popular red for the upper, toe is pointed upwards, and some made crested, shoes edge to embroidery. Working women also wear flat head, round shoes or rushes series shoes.

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Built in the Ming Dynasty clothes, shoes style on very strict requirements, both official size, must comply with service system. In what occasion was wearing what shoes type, such as Confucian hygienists etc. permitting booted; Captain Lux booted permitted on value, not allowed to wear when they go out; others, such as the common people, merchants and so allowed booted.
Qing Ming shoes along the standard system, civil and military officials and Shishu may forward boots, and civilians, actor, servants, etc. can not be booted. Qing Dynasty-style boots are mostly pointed. Soles are thick, the end result of too heavy, using TongCao do at the end. Later changed to Bodi, a "military run." Generally persons shoes satin, velvet, fabric production, vamp shallow and narrow, there are lebron shoes 2013 for olecranon tip-like style, but also wishful dig cloud type. People with sandals, brown shoes, aloe shoes, slippers, and other persons are also various popular. Southern rain wear spikes, northern winter appeared skates.

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Modern shoe style varies according to changes in clothing styles and the formation of a new pattern. Modeling simple, elegant, especially slowly transition from manual operation to the machine processing, production increasingly sophisticated. Various materials have been reasonably applied to footwear design and production of various high-tech texture of the material, the quality more perfect. If we say that the history of footwear produced mainly practical purposes, a gradual transition to using a combination of form and aesthetics, changes in the development of today's footwear were given more factors. It applies not only to pursue footwear and aesthetic, but also continue to study the various functions of footwear, such as breathability, warmth, comfort, and from the perspective of health sciences to be pursued lebron xi shoes.
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