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Nike Kobe 8,Kobe Bryant Basketball Shoes

Shoes with natural flexibility, resilience and strong moisture absorption and permeability, wear cloth soled walking can also go to static,people on foot through the maintenance of physical and mental health care and nursing . Know the health effects of light shoes is not enough,if you want to buy one pair to wear,you need to know about how to buy a high-quality kobe 8 shoes .
Procedure or method:
1 upper . The quality of the upper fabric quality shoes for the whole a great relationship . There is no high-quality shoes, fabric weaving defects on the smooth surface . Parallel on a shoe -lit counter to observe a striped,plaid striped vamps can shield the upright, horizontal and vertical alignment grid neat,staining consistent . Corduroy,velvet and other quality upper fluff inverted consistent,uniform density . Also uppers and folder clean and free of dirt, including pulp evenly flat service . Upper mouth of the narrow width of the same roll,shoe fitting on the rear obvious at the mouth can not afford to angle the door can not afford empty,do not wrinkle,fork consistency. Upper suture needle from the uniform neat, not skewed,no jumping,missing pin and the bottom line pulls and so on. For two -fit shoes to help take place,elastic mouth shoes elastic cloth stitched,was the double stitched back and forth,do plaiting heel shoes stitched with sutures integrity .

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2 soles. Many different types of shoes soles,of varying thickness . In general,high-quality cloth shoes bottom well connected firm, and satisfied at the end of the pin code uniform and tidy. Nanowire pin code uniform, brake lines tight fit,the bottom groove intact.
3 shoe body and assembly . kobe zoom 8 Shoes are handmade,allow a certain error,the general said quality shoes shoes face length error of less than 3 mm,height is not more than 2 mm followed by a crooked is not greater than 3 mm . Shoe crab claws ear ( ear fan ),crab size. The length of the mouth and tongue to help match . There are shoes with a loop with a loop of a fork length of its consistent and consistent . Heel neat,beautiful, evenly spaced solid. Soles and tidy, all parts fit to eat to help .

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* Inferior shoes features:
- Upper: inferior shoes fabric rough, uneven stripes,shoe uppers and wrinkled yellow. Upper suture stitch skew,jumpers,polylines, shoe heel has eyed,exposed wire phenomenon .
- Sole: inferior cloth cheap kobe 8 shoes bottom soft, uneven thickness, satisfied at the end pin code missing .
- Shoe body and assembly,poor shoes shoes face length, height difference between the larger,visually apparent. Does not match the length of the mouth and tongue to help,sole wall askew, to help eat all parts inconsistent,and even helped off the place .
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