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Leather , cotton blankets made ??of leather shoes, boots, also known as boots or high boots , was originally worn by northern nomads , there are dry boots, flower boots, leather boots, felt boots , single boots, cotton boots , cloud head boots, boots and other goose top of the points . According to legend, Sun Bin is the ancestor of boots , Northern and Southern Dynasties widespread in the north and spread south , to the Tang Dynasty official Shu suitable for all ages ( until the Ming and Qing imperial court was only banned people booted , only courtiers only booted ) .
         Song is also widely popular leather discount nike shox shoes, men wear a small head shoes , women mostly round, flat head or warped head , also decorated with all kinds of flowers and birds pattern above .
        Yuan Dynasty began to toe tall, thick soles flat women cloth shoes, which makes extraordinarily slender.
        To the Ming and Qing , shoe production methods and the gradual integration of design , more elegant up . Ming 's shoes mostly thick -based, multi- wear Diamondbacks Northern Qi Lu , south and more with brown hemp shoes .

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    Meet the reign of the Qing Dynasty , mainly men with pointed shoes , with satin system summer and winter with construction down , there are heavy-bottomed Bodi of points, surfaces for single beam or double beam , upper toe for a tattoo or wishful head cirrus type . Qing most unique nike shox for sale shoes , soles of wood , an inch to five inches high range, its shape is wider at the bottom and the next round, called horseshoe bottom , also known as saucers . The system often satin uppers , colorful embroidery on the facilities , some aristocratic women also mounted on the vamp all kinds of jewelry , wear conspicuous figure is particularly forceful . But due to difficulties in walking , older women or people with low identity wooden flat shoes to wear .
      Shoes and Chinese text
       In China, the shoes very close relationship with the text , at different times , different regions have many titles, such as : Niigata (xi), China's early A heavy clogs for the call, the emperor of the honorable minister to wearing shoes , the use of animal skins or silk for face , plus a thick cloth beneath the bottom of wood for the bottom , and some are still on the Notes December wood to prevent moisture. Zhou 's shoe have different grades , the emperor red shoes foot board , followed by red , white and black ; queen of the shoe is also a thick crust and red, blue, yuan three colors, summer with GE hemp, silk , winter skins produced from.
        Sandals (ju), Book of Songs on the correct entanglements sandals to sandals cream one , which means sandals with a relatively simple hemp, Ge woven single -soled shoes . Lu , early with grass , hemp, GE and other woven shoes. Wen said, and that is shoe , enough to depend on it . It pairs of shoes since the Han Dynasty more common names.
       Another slipper , boots and so on.

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     Not only that, shoes and Chinese culture also integrate with each other , in allusion, literary works , and even modern songs, comic, comedy and there is no shortage in both shoes related content. Through the shoes , you can get a glimpse of China given period , national and regional cultural development, economic development, social development . Unfortunately, despite the Chinese began very early shoe manufacturing production, but now the shoe production process still introduced from Europe .
       With the social and technological progress, increasingly rich cultural connotation of shoes from the brand name to the product design , technology management, staff training and quality inspection and product packaging , marketing strategy , etc., are permeated with the ideas and techniques , Chinese shoe culture and footwear industry is facing severe challenges. Faced with the impact of globalization , we expect China 's nike shox turbo 2013 shoe culture , China 's shoe history can go on evolution.
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