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Slackers get up!Rare weekend, who is so bold and noisy sub dare dream of this girl ? Eyes open, look, it was my dearest younger sister . Accompany me shopping, I do not have shoes to wear!Said a woman's wardrobe is always a small piece of clothing , in fact, is it not at least one pair of shoes it ? I had no choice but to obediently got up, dress and sister to go out .

01 shoes Yeah, christian louboutin outlet be sure to pick the dermis ...... Sister while trying beautiful beaded ankle boots , while his mouth talking about . What is the difference between you ? PU leather Attractive cheap then . I talk back . No no no, only the leather shoes can be like a second skin-like breathable, not only does not cover their sweat , thermal effects are also excellent . What a body of mixed English and Zhen Huan ......

02 Well, this market was mixed, I know that ye are not leather it ? I asked curiously . Sister sat down to try one pair of cross belt has a unique design suede shoes , he replied me: very simple way , and some will be equipped with a real leather shoes , as you can and woolen combustion method to identify ; if not with leather material , the use of drip method to see whether water droplets penetrate , diffusion , leaving the dark water stains , if there is leather , but impermeable surface coated with a coating leather, remember it was dripping from the back of the law to try Oh!

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03 The simplest way is to have slightly aromatic smell of leather odor , but this method requires some experience , some bad business will specially produced on the sprayed skin taste of the liquid , a new shoe is easy to make glue taste masked leather smell , so it is not particularly reliable friends - Sister stood up and walk around, test the foot of this pair of wild and significantly higher slope with boots comfort. So ......

04 Oh wow ,discount christian louboutin this pair of good looking , delicate stenciling Bilei Si lace elegant yet it!I cried . Ah , pretty feet high heels because of the pressure caused by relatively large , you want to wear a long time , be sure to pick a soft leather material and fit yardage , it is not easy to squeeze pain . Sister tried the shoes , dignified and graceful in the slightly feminine high heels, she is very mature for her age and mild temperament .

05 PU leather chemical products because it is often less than a second year stays stiff deformed while real leather little maintenance , you can put on for many years , but Yue Chuanyue comfortable fit , so be sure to pick and classical style, will not cause waste look at this simple shoe was thin , dotted bow on the timeless , is worth starting the design . sister rather point love does not address the foot means.

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06 I thought to myself : Well, then you have every season to buy new shoes , not the grass is always greener it!Sister seemed to hear my voice , he said: just as trendy designs to keep up with the trend of embellishment, wallet does not ample case, only buy a pair of skinny leg elastic design practical style, with a significantly higher wear waterproof Taiwan thick with , take the dress with pants are nice , you can spend the whole winter .

07 So smug there are so many exquisite ah ...... I look at their feet,christian louboutin usa, looked up to ask her sister : The young girls were wearing leather shoes will not be old-fashioned ah ? Sister laughed: how could it ? such as this pair of handsome Martin boots, and no clear age requirement , whether it is still in the campus student sister, still not used to wearing high-heeled fashion hot mom , or preference for European and American style of tall girls can wear it very beautiful ah!

08 genuine leather shoes , regardless of age qualities, there is a magical speaking it ~ Sister tried this pair of black , red and white optional thick with lace Martin boots, called the waiter packed three pairs , pick well you and I and our mother suitable code number, you can make up parenting models , and wear out more Western style!quasi let neighbors jealous envy!Hey , it really is such a thing, did not expect to come out shopping, but also earned a good pair of shoes , and this time it was my turn to grin

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