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Shoes can not rest on its laurels , especially in such a serious market homogenization under . For the current footwear market , I personally think we should go an unusual way , to open different stores , out of the boundaries of shoes do cheap nike dunk shoes. Special foot ( Fujian ) Sports Goods Co., Ltd. Chairman Yang Penghui language .
     In the back of business cards printed , chairman Yang Penghui this sentence : Not the same footsteps ( not the same pace ) , as the phrase says, in the interview process, I feel it all in the shoe brand management, corporate staff management and terminal sales channels, etc. exudes a maverick strange charm.
     Special foot is not the same pace , the entrepreneurial articles

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   Most do with the Jinjiang footwear foundry started the business is not the same , especially since nike dunk womens footwear go first is a homegrown road .
     In 94 years time, we opened a shoe factory called shoes Co., Ltd. Sanko , when my brother here in Jinjiang in charge of production , and I put the shoes to get home to do Hebei, Henan and other places to sell, should be said that it is homegrown . and a do it for a whole decade . Yang recalls with a smile .
Yang Penghui in sales in decades, Jinjiang footwear industry has played a tremendous change . First Star + advertising mode of operation to the ANTA brand brings a sensation effect , followed by dozens of shoe this brand business model followed suit , for a time , countless sports shoe brands have mushroomed rise to the onwards . At this time, far away in Shijiazhuang Yang Penghui shoes product sales also began to realize that the no brand short board .

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nike dunk sb Comparable sales do make the brand more relaxed, not so tiring ! Nevertheless , he resolutely decided to return to Jinjiang do the brand . 2004 special foot back Jinjiang founded the brand , only one client . Yang told reporters, but now the brand has special foot every province across the country . 2009 , the company signed more is expensive table tennis champion Guo Yue Female to further enhance brand awareness and reputation .
     In just a few years time , the ability to operate an emerging brand was so successful , not only with Yang Penghui wise business acumen related more closely with its maverick ideas .
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