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Special foot is not the same pace. Chapter of the terminal channels
The human mind must always remain flexible , so as to avoid some of the old rules of business subject to the shackles . Yang always with a smile , for example, as the terminal channel expansion . He said that today's footwear market is a terminal is king in the market , who first took possession of the terminal , who is the biggest winner. It is also because of the importance of the terminal , so competition is fierce.I always advise my dealership do not put their sights on footwear stores , while other industries should look into the possibility of whether there shops , imperceptible to other sectors of retail terminals into our stores air max 2014. He told reporters .
In addition, the choice in the market , especially the primary election foot township market , take the encircling the cities route. Yang said: on the one hand a vast rural population, farmers' living standard is improving , to further enhance the level of consumption On the other hand , special enough to brand and Anta , special steps compared to other brands , has a price advantage , more likely to win consumers in rural areas and small towns .
And next year we plan to expand the product category , to achieve a diversified development space . Yang Penghui told reporters .

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Special foot is not the same pace. Staff management articles
     For the past two years air max shoes, Japan to more severelabor shortage problem , Yang Penghui also has its own distinctive set of ideas . 80,90 workers and older workers differently. Apart from wages, they pay more attention to living conditions , welfare policies and development space , etc. Because of this , we invest millions of dollars on the construction of staff apartment .He also said that in addition to constantly improve the living standards of workers , the most important thing is to give employees a vision and let them know the direction in which , there is room for future development .I want to start with the employees and the company , rather than make them feel just a migrant workers . Yang said.

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  As we all know , the brand is a long-term investment , not a year or so to complete. In walked the six years time, Yang Penghui chairman led not only completed the special foot footwear brand from scratch, from small to large accumulation process, but also to promote the brand in the shoe industry special foot shot within a certain visibility, and the future development of the brand has made a complete plan , I believe in its not the same pace. under special enough to singing all the way to become the shoe industry a bright star nike air max shoes.
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